Process of Replacement of Birth Certificate in Kenya

Replacement of birth certificate in Kenya

A birth certificate is a fundamental document in Kenya. When lost or misplaced, you will have to do a replacement. Why? Most of the government services require you to have it.

When you are 18 years a birth certificate is a requirement for you to apply for a National Identity Card. Other services include the application for the passport/visa and during school admissions.

Here are some of the requirements for a birth certificate in Kenya

For children below 18 years:

    • A copy of Parents’ Identification Cards
    • Copy of his or her birth notification

For adults:

    • Copy personal Identification Card
    • Copy of birth notification or birth certificate

Procedure of Replacement of Birth Certificate in Kenya

There are two ways of replacing a birth certificate in Kenya

    • Physical application
    • Online method application

1. Physical Application

    • To apply for your birth certificate physically you have to carry the documents above to the nearest Huduma Centre offices. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate or the notifications, you will have to retrieve it at your county civil registry
    • Present the documents for validation of the date of birth and names. You will also fill out the (BI ) form and submit all documents attached together to the civil registration officer. Pay a fee of Ksh 180 for the certificate to be processed
    • You will be updated by communication through messages
    • When the certificate is ready you will get a notification for collection

2. Online Application

You can easily replace a lost birth certificate through E-citizen wherever you are. You can sign up or log in to your ecitizen account. I will outline a detailed birth certificate replacement procedure below.

Replacement of birth certificate in Kenya

Birth certificates for minors should be applied through the parent’s or guardian’s account. This is the online replacement of birth certificate in Kenya procedure.

Steps of online replacement of a birth certificate in Kenya

    • Sign up or log in to your e-citizen account
    • Select the Apply birth certification icon it should lead you to the civil registration page
    • Fill in the online application form
    • Upload all the required documents as stated above
    • Pay for the documents which is ksh 130 for applications and a convenience fee of ksh 50. The total cost for applying for replacement of a birth certificate in Kenya is Ksh 180
    • Wait for notification which will be through a message when the birth certificate is ready


Yes, that’s all that entails on how to do a replacement for birth certificate in Kenya. It can be hectic staying without the documents since most of the Kenyan government services one is required to present one.

The methods are simple if you are unable to go through the online process then the physical way is better since there is assistance. Nowadays everything has been made easy by online services and many people have embraced it, since it saves time and energy.

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