Best Website Designers in Kenya

Web designers in Kenya

In the built online world, website designers are like architects. They design and create online properties that show off a brand and grab the attention of customers. But finding the best web designers in Kenya can be tricky.

Don’t worry, in this guide, I will reveal to you five of Kenya’s top web designers based on experience and research. Each one is a master in their own way.

After several years of digging the digital landscape, I found Online Molen as the best web designer in Kenya due to their high skills, experience, and great work. Below I will explain more why.

Top 5 Best Website Designers in Kenya

  1. 1.Online Molen

Imagine a team of creative web experts mixing top-notch technology with amazing design skills. That is Online Molen for you.

Online Molen, the best web designers in Kenya

Their websites aren’t just nice to look at; they are carefully built to impress your customers, and great user experience and to make you more money.

Whether you need a unique business website, a special online store or a landing page that defines your brand, Online Molen will sort you. They offer the best web design services and prices in Kenya.

They have so far created great 3 websites for me and am always impressed by not just how they look but also the customers they have brought my way.

This firm also makes very good eCommerce websites that sell products very fast. I assure you Online Molen are also very good eCommerce website developers in Kenya.

They are also SEO experts which means that your website will not just be pretty but is also ideal for selling your products or services.Website creation Kenya

The website designers at Online Moline also stay with you to ensure the success of your website. They give at least 4 months free support with every website making sure your website keeps up with your business as things change online.

Online Molen is located in Nairobi and I can confidently say that they are the best website designers in Kenya.


Phone Number: 0728 569 060

  1. 2. Urban Kreative

If you want web designers that can adapt to various industry, Urban Kreative is your go-to. They create websites that match Kenya’s diverse landscape.

Whether you are a fancy restaurant or a new business, Urban Kreative makes a website that fits your brand.

They are great at telling stories. Every website they make is like a journey, guiding visitors through what you offer with style.

They make sure your brand looks good on all types of screens, especially on mobile phones.


Phone number:+254 (0) 722 227 527

  1. 3. Lytfix Technology Solutions

For those who want a website that not only looks good but also tech-savvy, Lytfix Technology Solutions is the firm to consider. These experts create websites that not only look good but also work very well.

best web designers in kenya

Lytfix is great at adding advanced features like special plugins and systems that manage content. This makes your website a cool place for people to engage with.

They love trying new things, making sure your online presence isn’t just stylish but is also ready for whatever comes next in the digital world.


Phone: +254 115 767 696

  1. 4. Smart Web Kenya

For Smart Web Kenya, branding is not just a logo; it is the heart of your business. They don’t just make websites; they create digital spaces that perfectly match your brand.

They pay attention to every detail, from colors that bring out emotions to fonts that tell your story. Smart Web Kenya makes websites that are not just pages; they are experiences that draw people to your business.


Phone: +254 705 111 175

  1. 5. Netlit Digital Web Solutions

In the online world, being seen is very important. Netlit Digital Web Solutions are masters at guiding your website through the tangle of the internet and into the spotlight on search engines.

They focus on making your website that are easy to find online. With their knowledge of keywords, content, and links, they will boost your website’s ranking faster than a cheetah chasing its prey.

This firm is based in Nairobi and they are among the best web designers in Nairobi.

Phone:0721 482100

Trends in Web Design in Kenya

Picking the right web designer goes hand in hand with keeping up with the latest trends in web design.

These designers keep tab of trends that can make your website stand out even more. So, let’s check out some top trends transforming web design in Kenya and globally.

  1. Mobile-Friendly: The Big Deal

Kenya (like most countries globally) has some of the highest rates of phone use in Africa, so focusing on mobile is not just a trend – it’s a must.

Websites need to work smoothly on different-sized screens, giving a friendly experience on smartphones and tablets. Responsive design is key, ensuring your website looks good whether it’s as big as a lion’s mane or as nimble as a gazelle’s hooves.

  1. Minimalism with a Kick: Small Is the New Big

Forget about busy layouts and too much stuff on the screen. Top web designers in Kenya love the “less is more” style, creating simple and clean designs.

These focus on making the customer experience easy and clear. Big fonts, smart use of empty space, and small animations keep things interesting without making it confusing. Imagine a gazelle leaping gracefully through the savanna – quick and impactful.

  1. Storytelling Through Design: Let it Flow

Websites are no longer just pictures; they have become stories that grab the attention of your clients and make them feel connected.

Website design Kenya prices

Kenyan designers are adding stories to their websites, using pictures, things you can click on, and interesting words to pull site visitors into the world of your brand.

It is not just about selling products or services; it is about building relations and keeping potential clients interested, like sharing a great story around a campfire.

  1. Embracing Local Styles: Africa is our business

Kenyan web design is special because it mixes global trends with our own local vibes. Bright colors inspired by Kenya’s beauty, hand-drawn art with Maasai patterns, and hints of Swahili culture make websites unique.

It is like zebra stripes – standing out but fitting in perfectly with the savanna.

  1. Technology Taking Off: The era of AI

Kenyan web designers are not just following tech trends; they are utilizing them. Adding cool things like AI chatbots, smart personalization, and 3D experiences is becoming more common.

Websites are not just pictures anymore; they are like hubs that know what you want.

Remember, trends are like stepping stones in your online website journey. It is good to know about them, but don’t get too caught up in the newest stuff.

Pick a web designer who will understand your brand, knows your audience, and understands Kenya’s digital world. Work together to make a website that shouts your story loud and proud, a bright spot of creativity and innovation in Kenya’s always-changing digital world!

Final Verdict

The best website designer for you is the one who gets your needs and turns your vision into an online success. When making a choice, think about things like your budget, the industry you are in, and the functions of  your website.

And while the competition is fierce, Online Molen stands out in website creation in Kenya. Their smart approach, use of modern designs, and dedication to your success make them the best choice for businesses that want to win.

So, go on your online adventure with confidence, map in hand, and excitement in your heart. With the right guide, your website will be a shining light in the digital jungle, attracting, engaging, and converting visitors like a well-prepared lioness on the hunt.

Remember, the online world is yours to conquer. Choose your web designer wisely, let your brand roar, and claim your space in the online kingdom!

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