How to Reverse Mpesa Transactions (Get Your Money Back Within Seconds)

How to Reverse Mpesa

Sending money to the wrong number on MPesa can make one feel on the edge. Are you concerned of how to reverse Mpesa transactions instantly? Below is a guide of how you can get your money back within seconds.

How to Reverse Mpesa Transactions

Mpesa Reversal Sms Number 456

This option is only available for transactions that have been sent to the wrong phone number within the first 24 hours.

To reverse a transaction using self-reversal, follow these steps:

    • Open messages on your phone
    • Send/forward the entire MPesa Message to 456 (recipient number) on your Safaricom number (this can be done by copy pasting the message)How to reverse Mpesa
    • You will receive a message from Reversal system notifying you the reversal request has been received
    • About a minute later you will receive another message from Reversal indicating whether the reversal has started (if the recipient had not used the money already)
    • Safaricom will hold the money and confirm with recipient if the cash was sent wrongly.
    • The Reversal is processed and money returned to sender. This can take up to 24 hours depending on the response of the recipient and other factors Safaricom has to consider.
    • You will Get Your Money Back in full.
    • If the recipient had used the cash, you will receive a message saying the reversal request has failed because the money had been used by the recipient.

Thus, the golden Mpesa reversal number is 456 for instant reversals through SMS.

Mpesa reversal


If you are wondering how to reverse MPesa after 24 hours you will definitely need to contact Safaricom Customer Care either by calling 100 or 234 or through Safaricom Official Facebook Page.

So what happens when an Mpesa reversal fails? Even though the situation gets worse and risky, not all is lost at this point. Here are some measures you can use to try and reclaim your money:

Contact Safaricom Customer Care for Reversal Issues

If you are unable to reverse a transaction using self-reversal, or if you need to reverse a transaction has been denied, you can contact Safaricom customer care. To do this, you can:

    • Dial 234 or 100 on your Safaricom phone
    • Chat with Zuri on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger
    • Visit a Safaricom retail outlet

From a personal experience, Sometimes Safaricom might refer you to file a report with the police if the recipient used the money which was not intended for them.

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How to Reverse Money Sent to the Wrong Till Number Using My Safaricom App

If you have sent the money to the wrong Mpesa Till Number while using MPesa. It is very easy to reverse the transaction yourself.

    • Open My Safaricom App
    • Tap on ‘M-Pesa Statement’
    • Tap on the ” Recent Transactions” tab
    • Tap on the transaction that you want to reverse
    • Tap on the “Reverse” button
    • Select the reason for the reversal e.g., the wrong Till Number
    • Confirm the reversal
    • Get Your Money Back within Seconds

That is how to reverse Mpesa sent to wrong Till Number using My Safaricom App. In case you are using USSD or SMS, you will need to contact Safaricom to initiate the reversal.

Here is how to contact Customer care for till reversal:

    • Dial 234 on your Safaricom phone
    • Or Dial 100 to Call Safaricom Customer Care Support
    • Chat with Zuri on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger.Mpesa Reversal with Zuri
    • Visit a Safaricom Shop.

But how long does it take to reverse money sent on Wrong Till Number? Be informed that it will take at least 72 hours for Safaricom to credit your account if your reversal is accepted.

If the Till Number holder refuses to accept the reversal, a Safaricom agent will call you with more information on the best course of action.

If you are wondering how to reverse Mpesa from bank account, just contact your respective bank immediately they will liase with Safaricom to help you with the process.

Additional Cautionary Tips:

If you realize made a mistake in Mpesa transaction, be sure to act quick. Mpesa reversal 456 is the best way to initiate the reversal very fast.

What happens when Mpesa reversal fails? You can try to negotiate with the receiver but it is not recommended. Contact Safaricom Customer care very fast and you might be lucky to salvage your hard-earned cash.

For Till Number, you can try contact the holder for reversal. If they deny the reversal, you can take a legal action to have your money back.


But it is better to treat the symptoms than to cure the disease. To be on the safe side activate Hakikisha on your phone right now which enable you to review the name of the recipient before money is sent.

Here is how to Activate hakikisha on your Mpesa account:

    • Dial *234#
    • Select Option 5: Mpesa Information
    • Select Option 5: HAKIKISHA
    • Reply with Opt Back

Closing Remarks

If you have been wondering how to reverse MPesa transactions, there various which include forwarding the Mpesa message to 456. The other method is using My Safaricom App and tapping on the transaction and clicking on Reverse Transaction.

The quicker you act after a wrong Mpesa transaction the higher your chances of recovering your cash. The fastest way is Mpesa Reversal 456 SMS followed by My Safaricom App and finally contacting Safaricom Customer Care.

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