Khalif Kairo, CEO Kai & Karo, hurls Insults at Former Employee Soni

Khalif Kairo vs Soni

In a surprising turn of events, Khalif Kairo, the outspoken CEO of Kai and Karo Ltd, has ignited a firestorm of controversy with a series of inflammatory messages aimed at a former employee, Soni, in the official company WhatsApp group.

The messages, have left netizens buzzing with speculation and concern wondering whether Kairo needs some education on communication skills and Public Relations (PR). This shortly after he recently engaged in heated online arguments with graduates like Nyamwange Ombuna, and Duncan Ndung’u who were urging him to go for higher education.

Company Drama Unfolded as CEO Threatened Dismissal Over Alleged Collusion and Undermining

From the screenshots below which Suraya has obtained from independent sources, Kairo wasted no time in issuing a stern warning to all company departments and his assistant, declaring that any association with Soni, who is no longer an employee of Kai and Karo, will result in immediate dismissal.

Khalif Kairo outburts and insults

According to Kairo, Soni’s actions allegedly led to a detrimental impact on sales, team morale, and overall teamwork within the company.

The CEO went on to accuse Soni of colluding with individuals possessing sensitive company information, raising questions about the security and integrity of the company’s internal affairs. The severity of Kairo’s warning has left employees questioning the true extent of Soni’s alleged actions and whether such drastic measures are warranted.

However, the situation took a shocking turn when Kairo launched a personal attack on Soni, referring to her as a “shameless prostitute” whom he rescued from the “lowest bowels of trash.”

Kairo claims to have provided Soni with an opportunity at Kai and Karo when others had given up on her (including her mother), accusing her of being ungrateful and determined to destroy the company.

These explosive remarks have sparked a heated debate on social media, with some people expressing shock and disbelief at the CEO’s unfiltered outburst. The personal nature of Kairo’s attack has raised eyebrows, as many question whether such language is appropriate for a corporate leader.

One netizen, Ombuna, even lamented on Facebook that ‘Soni doesn’t even look like she was picked from trash. She looks pretty decent to be described that horribly’. What do you think or looks can be deceiving?

Soni former employee Kai & Karo

As the gossip mill churns, people are left to wonder how this internal drama will affect the company’s reputation and whether there will be any consequences for the CEO’s controversial statements. Stay tuned as this unfolding saga continues to erupt.

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