Where to Buy Cooking Oil ATM in Kenya

Where to buy cooking Oil ATM in Kenya

If you are a shop owner, you the challenge that comes with tilting the heavy cooking oil containers (mtungi) trying to measure cooking oil for your customers who are waiting impatiently especially during rush hour.

Many are the times the mtungi tips over and creates a mess and of course a loss.

We can also not forget those awkward moments when you try to balance the measuring jug to see if you have the correct quantity. At times it passes the mark by several milliliters and you can’t just return it to the mtungi without feeling guilty. Another loss!

Those days are now behind us, thanks to the innovative Cooking Oil ATM machines!

These machines are attractive and user-friendly and dispenses cooking oil in very accurate quantities also eliminating problem of spills and unnecessary drama.

This became a reality for our small shop when I invested in a Cooking Oil ATM also known as cooking oil dispenser. The impact on our business and daily operations was truly transformative.

Firstly, customers like it. No more waiting in line while someone measures the required quantity of cooking oil. With a simple press of buttons, the cooking oil ATM dispenses a a very accurate quantity of cooking oil.

Some customers even come from far because we serve customers faster especially during rush hours. This has resulted to more customers and more sales at our shop not only for cooking oil but other commodities too.

Advantages Of Cooking Oil /Salad ATM machines

    • Sales at the shop increases. People tend to buy oil when they can get accurate measured portions without purchasing the more expensive bottle.
    • Wastage is a thing of the past. No more oil spillages or excess oil to customers. The machine dispenses exactly what the customer orders.
    • Maintaining a clean shop is very fulfilling and safe from falls. No more hours spent scrubbing cooking oil stains; the Cooking Oil ATM has eliminated the nasty spills.

Disadvantages Of Salad ATM machines

    • The machines are bit pricey but not very expensive as one can get one from Ksh. 35,000 for a 20 litres machine. However, the return on investment on this amount is as quick as 3 months.
    • They require electricity to operate because they have a pump. However, they do not consume a lot of power

Where To Buy Cooking Oil Atm in Kenya

You might be wondering where to buy a cooking oil ATM in Kenya and the cost for various sizes. machine. I recommend Peupe Technologies because they offer very good prices from as low as Ksh. 35000 for a 20 liters cooking oil ATM machine.

Where to Buy Cooking Oil ATM in Kenya near Nairobi

They also have a variety of sizes to suit every budget, from compact desktop design to larger, freestanding machines. Peupe Technologies cooking oil ATM machines are also very high quality.

They have some of the technologies as some of their engineers have attended some of the best technical universities in Kenya (JKUAT) and also gone for further studies abroad (i.e. Japan).

You can contact Peupe Technologies on 0728569060 if you want to order a machine or any inquires.

Additional Cooking Oil ATM Tips for Shop Owners

If you are a shop owner who wants to grow your business, consider this an important tip. Acquire a Cooking Oil ATM from Peupe Technologies today!

Peupe Technologies is especially convenient if you are searching for where to buy cooking oil ATM in Kenya near Nairobi because they are located on Thika Road not too far from Nairobi.

It is not just a machine; it is a customer magnet, a money-saver, and a hygiene pro. Our shop is a true example– this little gadget can genuinely revolutionize your business.

The cooking oil dispenser machines have become very popular to the extent that the government through Kenya National Trading Corporation launched an equivalent oil dispenser machine dubbed Mama Pima with the goal of managing the expensive cost of cooking oil to the common mwananchi.

If you are wondering what is the salad ATM machine price on Jumia you will be surprised if you don’t find these salad ATM machines on Jumia.

Take my advice: don’t wait for your neighbour to get one first. While they enjoy savings, you might still be suffering with traditional mtungi and jugs. This recommendation is one you should not ignore!

P.S. When you contact Peupe Technologies, mention that Suraya shop recommended you. They will give you a discount for your new Cooking Oil ATM!

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