Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya (Find out their earnings)

Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya

YouTube has not only enabled many Kenyans to create content and showcase their talents but also earn. Ideally, if your videos do well on YouTube and reach 4,000 watch hours with 1000+ subscribers you get monetized.

Once the channel is monetized you earn income from Google Adsense.Finding a niche and being consistent helps you to grow your channel. There is comedy, music, lifestyle, and so many others.

In Kenya, YouTube has created a job opportunity for many since for some people it is a full-time job, while others even get extra income through sponsorship from brands.

However, there is the question whether a musician can be considered a YouTuber. According to Google guidelines, a YouTuber is someone who creates videos for YouTube as their primary source of income or fame.

This typically includes people who make videos about a variety of topics, such as travel, lifestyle, comedy, beauty, gaming, and education.

However, many people also use YouTube to promote their other work, such as music. This includes musicians who upload music videos, live performances, and other music-related content to YouTube.

So, whether or not a musician who has music on YouTube is considered a YouTuber depends on how much of their time and energy they dedicate to creating YouTube videos. If they are creating videos on a regular basis and have a significant following on YouTube, then they could be considered a YouTuber.

Therefore such musicians a Bahati, Diana Bahati, and Mr. Seed could be considered. However, for the sake of this listing, we are going to exclude musicians.

Here Are the Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya

1. Iam Marwa

He is arguably the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya especially now that he has a balanced international audience which brings him more earnings per 1000 views. This is in comparison to YouTubers whose viewers are mostly local.

Iam Marwa one of the Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya

Iam Marwa (Fredrick Marwa) is currently having 505,000 subscribers (as at 2023) and has garnered more than 149,000,000 views on YouTube.

Through his YouTube career he has managed to travel to more than 76 countries in the World including the United States, Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, India and many more.

Financially he has accomplished quite a lot including building his parents a multi million mansion and he is currently building himself a multi million villa (Villa Medellin) which is almost complete.

He has bought several parcels of land, invested in a clothes business (SoftLife) and a MasterClass. At least these are some the investments he has declared publicly.

It is estimated that Iam Marwa net worth is more than Ksh. 20 million.

Marwa is also known be a philanthropic person and has helped quite a number of people especially in his village (Nyabohanse) including helping his own neighbour (Mama Ann) build a very decent house.

He has also helped many people start their YouTube careers especially in his village including the likes of Mayuguno and his own sister (Dee Mwango).

2. Mungai Eve

Evelyne Mungai can be considered to be the highest-paid female YouTuber in Kenya. Her channel started as a personal channel and it has grown into a media channel.

Eve mungai one of the Highest Paid YouTubers in Kenya

If you are looking for entertainment news, interviews, or hot celebrity gossip, Mungai Eve Media got you covered.

She has a great team of interviewers, reporters, and directors who make the production of her videos seamless.

Mungai Eve has 743,000 subscribers with 146 million plus views. She has uploaded more than 2,000 videos on her channel.

Recently she disclosed (through her boyfriend and director, Trevor) they earn more than 13.6 million shillings yearly from her YouTube channel making her one of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya.

3. Blessed Njugush

Blessed Njugush is a brand that is popularly known in Kenya. His real name is Timothy Kimani.


Njugush started creating comedy skits with his wife Celestine Ndinda and that’s when most of their videos went viral an example being the one for “ata sijaskia vibaya”.

The platform has been doing well since he gets many partnerships with brands and does adverts on his channel.

He currently has 632,000 subscribers on his channel and has over 102,000,000 views.

4. Crazy Kennar

Kennar is another Kenyan YouTuber whose original name is Kennedy Odhiambo. He started by recording comedy skits with his friends. He actually does comedy that relates to most people’s lifestyle struggles.

Crazy Kennar one of the top 100 youtubers in kenya


Right now Crazy Kenar in his early twenties has grown his YouTube massively and has over 603,000 subscribers with 157 million plus views.

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5. Flaqo

Flaqo Raz also known as Otis is a multitalented young man. His real name is Erastus Otieno. Flaqo can act, sing, and dance.

Flaqo one of the top 20 highest paid youtubers in kenya

Comedy is his main niche on YouTube. Flaqo became famous after he created the “Mama Otis” character where he imitates African mothers. He later introduced more characters and the channel has really grown.

Currently, he has 675,000 subscribers with 104 million views.

There are more Kenyan content creators who earn good money I just pointed out a few that are at the top. Others are like The Wa Jesus Family, Thee Pluto, Abel Mutua, Comrades Flavour,and Nicholas Kioko. If we add them we have a list the top 10 highest paid YouTubers in Kenya.

Some people ask ‘how much does YouTube pay in Kenya for 1 million views?’ and the answer is about Ksh. 435,000. This is because YouTube pays an average of 3 US dollars for every 1000 views. Do the maths. However, this figure varies depending on the location of the viewers, niche and other factors.

If ypu want to know the 500k subscribers on YouTube salary in Kenya you have to check the number of views the YouTuber has gained but it is about Ksh. 1,000,000 on average.

Closing Remarks

Yes, that’s it. YouTube has good money as long as you are consistent with creating content and your audience is consuming the content impressively. Some of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya include: Iam Marwa, Eve Mungai, Blessed Njugush, Crazy Kennar and Flaqo.

The above creators are definitely  leading among the top 100 Youtubers in Kenya.

YouTubers earn from good ads, brand promotions, and partnerships. If you have been wanting to start a Youtube channel don’t hesitate to so.

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