William Ruto Net Worth (10 Massive Properties He Owns)

William Ruto Net worth

William Ruto is the serving President of Kenya since 2022. He is the party leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and considered one of the richest Kenyan politicians.

President Ruto’s net worth has been an issue of public discussion since he came into limelight as the Kenyan Deputy President.

William Ruto Net Worth

Multiple sources suggest that as of today, William Ruto net worth is estimated to fall within the range of KSh 30 billion to KSh 50 billion. This wealth encompasses his diverse investments spanning real estate, agriculture, hospitality, and other sectors.

William Ruto boasts a longstanding and prosperous career as a businessman, with his fortune experiencing substantial growth since his entry into politics.

William Ruto net worth

His asset portfolio includes several noteworthy holdings within Kenya, such as an expansive Eldoret farm and a prominent Mombasa hotel. Furthermore, he maintains a financial stake in various other enterprises, including a poultry farm, a construction company, and a transportation venture.

In addition to his business ventures, it’s worth mentioning that Ruto also draws a presidential salary as the leader of Kenya, amounting to KSh 28,266,691.00 annually.

It is imperative to acknowledge that there is no official assessment of Ruto’s net worth, and the mentioned figures are approximate valuations obtained from various sources. William Ruto net worth has not been covered on Forbes.

Despite lack of an exact figure, there are number of indicators that Ruto is a wealthy man. Here are 11 substantial properties owned by William Ruto:

10 Properties Owned by William Ruto that Show His Net Worth

1. Uasin Gishu Home

Ruto’s luxurious Uasin Gishu home is believed to be worth 1.2 billion.The magnificent mansions sit on 20 acres of land with an artificial lake constructed in the middle.

Ruto's Uasin Gishu home

It is not a single mansion but several mansions in a gated area. Can we say this a home worth William Ruto first wife, Rachel Ruto? Maybe it is.

2. Dolphin Hotel Shanzu Beach

Ruto owns stake at Dolphin Hotel, located in Shanzu. The hotel is estimated to be worth several hundred million Kenyan shillings.

The hotel operates under shared management with Weston Hotel. President William Ruto is believed to have invested 600 million during the construction of Dolphin Hotel.

3. Weston Hotel

Weston Hotel is a five-star hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya. It is owned by Priority Ltd and Monene Investment, which are companies associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto's Weston Hotel

Weston Hotel has been the subject of controversy since its opening in 2013. Ruto’s opponents have accused him of using his political muscle to acquire the Weston Land.

Ruto denied these accusations, claiming that his wealth is legitimate. He says that he has made his money through hard work and business acumen.

4. Ruto Poultry Farm in Sugoi

Ruto Poultry Farm in Eldoret is believed to be 430-acre. It is estimated to generate millions of Kenyan shillings in revenue each year. President Ruto takes pride in poultry farming as the main source of his massive wealth.

William Ruto children have been spotted in this farm severally including Charlene Ruto who recently posted riding a quad bike there.

5. Private Jet

President Ruto only has the Presidential Jet at his disposal. He also owns a private jet, which he uses for his personal and political travel.

Ruto's Private Jet

6. Kitengela Gas

President Ruto owns Kitengela Gas, a gas cylinder company that is located in Shanga Kitengela as stated by former CS Fred Matiang’i. However, the brand is struggling and hardly known by most of Kenyan customers.

7. Land holdings

Ruto is believed to own significant land holdings in Kenya, both urban and rural.

Murumbi Farm, ADC Laikipia Mutara Ranch, Mata Farm and Elgon are some of vast acres of land owned by Ruto.

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8. Fleet of Luxury Cars

Ruto owns a fleet of luxury cars, including several Lexus LX 570, Land Cruisers, Range Rovers, and Mercedes-Benzes.

9. Shares in Public Companies

Ruto is also believed to own shares in a number of public companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange

10. Oseng Properties

President Ruto owns stake at Oseng Properties Limited.

Closing Remarks

Based on our research William Ruto net worth is between Ksh. 30 billion and Ksh. 50 billion based on various sources.

When it comes to Raila vs Ruto wealth, Ruto is arguably ahead. Despite it being difficult to mention definitively who is wealthier, Ruto’s businesses, investments in real estates and other assets reveal he is in a league of his own.

In comparison to Uhuru Kenyatta net worth, the latter is claimed to be wealthier at a net worth of about Ksh. 63 Billion.

If you want to find out William Ruto net worth in dollars, it is between 201 million US dollars to 301 million US dollars as at October 2023 exchange rate.

Yet still, No Kenyan was ranked in top 18 richest Africans by Forbes. Therefore, it would be accurate to presume Ruto’s wealth has not exceeded Ksh. 124.9 billion (the lowest figure in the list).

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